Integrated Console

shapeViewer can do much more that simply displaying a shape model. Many functions that may not relevant to all users are available through a command line interface (CLI) embedded in the program.

This CLI can be activated from the “Tools” menu or with either the [=] and [F12] keys.


Typing “help” in the command line will give you a list of all available commands, and how to use them.


The following image, for instance, displays the shape model of comet 67P. A graticule with a resolution of 20 degrees in latitude/longitude has been added, as well as a scale bar with 1000m reference distance. Colors describe the gravitational slopes, but the default color map (turbo) has been changed to viridis and the limits (0-180) have been reduced to 0-90.


All this can be achieved with the following commands:

[c] or "View/Toggle/Coordinates"
[h] or "View/Toggle/Slopes"
[=] or "Tools/Console"

then, in the console:
gratres 20        (change the graticule resolution)
cmap viridis      (change colormap)
clim 0 90         (change colormap limits)
scalebar 1000     (add a scale bar with 1000m reference distance)